Hola familia, ¿que cuentan? Sounds like everything things to be running smoothly back at home! This week was really… full sounds like a good word to describe it haha. We were able to teach a lot, and a lot with members which is always good buuuttttt this week the weather was super bipolar. In the morning it is always super stinking hot, so we walk around prepared for the heat but then around 4 or 5 in the afternoon the rain clouds roll in and they soak us and turn the sun off! In the mornings, sweating like a pig, and at night shivering like crazy! As a result… my companion got nice and sick starting wednesday morning. That morning we woke up early to go and do service for the neighbor of a member and my companion couldnt even talk. Long story short we had to go to the hospital in the rich part of Merida and it felt weird to see big buildings, a super nice mall, and then we went to a hospital super awesome. They gave my companion a shot in the butt and now he is all good! haha

We have been working with a couple of investigators a lot because they are the closest to baptism. This week we SHOULD have the baptism of Jorge. He has been a fun investigator… He is ex-alcholic and goes to alcoholics anonimous so we have been battling with him to learn the difference between a social group or Im not sure how to call it, and the gospel. But its been fun and he has recongized the difference after a couple of weeks fighting hard! hahaha

Today we went to Ihop for breakfast with some members. There is only one in all of Merida, in the super nice mall so that was pretty fun. I love the members here in Caucel!!
Everything is going really well as always! I love you all so much! Have a good week!!!
Elder Judd

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