¡¡Conference Weekend!!

DSCF3064[1]DSCF3067[1]HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENJAMIN THOMAS JUDD!!!!!! 9 whopping years old! Thats so crazy! I still remember changing your diapers! They grow up so fast :´( haha Write me an email and tell me what you did!

Well another general conference has come and gone! I hope these next 6 months doesnt go by as fast as the last! Woah this week was pretty uneventful while at the same time eventful. I feel like we didn’t do anything because we were in a meeting almost every day!

DSCF3073[1] DSCF3070[1]Starting on tuesday we had our monthly leadership council, and leaving from that we did divisions with some of the elders in our zone. I got back to the area at like 4 and we were able to work for a couple of hours. On Wednesday we did divisions with two teenagers in the ward that are both going on missions on the 28th, so that was a good day of working, butFriday we had another meeting in the morning with our zone which went really well, but we werent able to work very much. And then Saturday we spent the ENTIRE day in the stake center because we werent able to get to and back from our area. Anyways I was able to watch the conference in English this time! SO MUCH BETTER!! I watched it in the offices with the secretaries and assistants and then on Sunday I convinced my companion to watch it with me in english in our chapel in the secretaries office on the computer and he could understand it so it all worked out fine! Ahh I love conference! I especially loved Elder Bednars and Elder Hollands (of course!) talks. Also it was really cool how they had people speak in their own languages! Could Josh, Spence and Dad still understand the spanish? haha

DSCF3079[1] DSCF3081[1] (1) DSCF3082[1]And then last night President Garcia called all the zone leaders to a special meeting with him, and the zone leaders outside of Mérida joined in by “satellite broadcast” haha, and he gave a special training that we gave to our zones today in the morning. We showed a video about the Camp of Zion and it was super awesome! I love the history of the church, the legacy of Joseph Smith. I especially loved Elder Andersons talk about Joseph Smith. I love that man and know that he was a Prophet of God. Overall a really good week! I hope everybody else is doing well! I love you all! Have a good week!

DSCF3083[1] DSCF3090[1]Con mucho amor,

Elder Judd
DSCF3085[1] DSCF3092[1]

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