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Ba’ax onda.

Hello there family and friends! This week flew by because it wasnt very eventful! No meetings or trainings or anything special. Although we did do divisions. The new assistant Elder Peterson came with me on Wednesday which went fine! And then we did divisions with some other elders also because we needed them to do a baptismal interview for us and we took advantage of the situation and did divisions. But I was in our area the whole week which felt good!

Friday was a good day as well because we had another baptism! Sarali was baptized and she asked me too do it which was really special. I love getting all dressed up in white:). She was a pretty easy investigator. No fighting for a testimony or accepting to get baptized. She was able to recognize really fast that it was a better life for her, and read the Book of Mormon like crazy so she got a testimony of that pretty quickly.

Speaking about the Book of Mormon, we had an awesome experience on Saturday night… There is this investigator named Arely who lives right in front of us and we have been teaching her basically since I got here. She is really awesome and would have gotten baptized if it werent for the fact that she needs to get married with her couple… Anyways we stopped visiting her a lot, and just went like once a week because we found other people and were focusing on them. As of Saturday we hadnt seen them for like 2 weeks, although she has been going to church and last week her “husband” came too. Anyways we had an appointment with them Saturday night and we figured we would be focusing on her about her progress and what not, but out of nowhere, her husband, Abraham, started telling us that he had started to read the Book of Mormon and had finished first and second Nefi and Jacob. He has been going through some really tough challenges and picked up the book out of curiosity. Anyways he basically gave us his testimony about the Book of Mormon!! We hadnt explained very much but he understood it so well and was even quoting scriptures and phrases when he was talking to us. It was a 180% transformation! It just reaffirmed my testimony that not only the Book of Mormon is true and the keystone to our Church but that also ANYBODY can gain a testimony of it.

Anyways I have gotta go. I love you all so much! I am mighty fine right now here in Mérida! Have a good week, dont forget to say your prayers, and I look forward to hearing from you all next week!

Elder Judd


Hey there Family!!

DSCF3287[1]Well, well, well… Nothing too crazy happened this week! Really quickly Ill give a summary! Well first off we have been busy as always working hard! This week was a little tougher because we had to prepare two kids for baptism. Alejandra and Abib were baptized on Friday which was fun as always! It was tough though coming up with ways to teach kids! We had to use our creative side! Their parents are members though and knew just about everything which was good! I sent a picture of one of the lessons we had, we went through the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ by going through and drawing and coloring each part. I was pretty proud of ourselves because it went really well! haha Continue reading

Man, what a week!

Okay well this week was absolutely awesome! First of all we had transfers today and……. I am going to stay in Caucel for at least 6 weeks more! This will be my fifth transfer here… right now I have 6 months here! We actually had interviews with President Garcia on Tuesday and I told him I wanted to stay here, and it looks like the Lord still wants me here too!

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