Hello there Family!!!

Hola, hola!!! Como están todos?! I am doing pretty well if anybody was wondering! Mission life keeps moving forward! This week was a little wierd because we had to do a couple of divisiones with the district leaders, and what not but I will explain everything!

DSCF3127[1]Starting on Tuesday I went with another Elder to his area in the afternoon. I went with Elder Cervantes, my brother because Elder Guerrero trained us both. Anyways I went trying to help them because their area is really tough, they are in the middle of Merida where all the old people live who wont let you in for anything. Anyways we were able to find a couple of new people for them to teach and had some good lessons! In the morning we ran to this outside sports complex they have in their area which was super nice and I ran like 2 miles on the track… Needless to say I just about puked…

We also did divisions with another group of missionaries so that my companion could do a baptismal interview and I went with Elder Cunningham, one of the secretaries. Those divisions were interesting because we took another Elder with us who was going to go home the next day so we had to take him to the airport in the morning. It was just really sad to see how something that I get so much joy out of was a miserable experience for somebody else. Im not going to say his name, but he told me he didnt like how “boring” mission life was, doing the same thing every day and without a whole lot to look forward. I dont remember thinking the same at any time in my mission because even though mission life isnt the most exciting, it is the most rewarding. It just made me sad the experience as a whole 😦

DSCF3129[1]Anyways time is running out, but life is going really well. We are finding people, and expect to baptize two people this week! Also we have interviews with President tomorrow and then transfers on Sunday! I really dont want to leave Caucel yet. Im going to ask President for another transfer tomorrow! Although wherever the Lord sends me I will go happily! I love you all so much! Sorry this letter was boring! I hope you liked the photos!


Elder Judd

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