Man, what a week!

Okay well this week was absolutely awesome! First of all we had transfers today and……. I am going to stay in Caucel for at least 6 weeks more! This will be my fifth transfer here… right now I have 6 months here! We actually had interviews with President Garcia on Tuesday and I told him I wanted to stay here, and it looks like the Lord still wants me here too!

BLOG3185[1] BLOG3184[1]The biggest highlight by far this week was the baptism of Sandra and Leo. I have been working with them both just about my entire time here, and boy has she come a long way! She has probably been my favorite investigator to teach from my mission so far. Just to see how the atonement changed her. She was a Jehovas Witness before, and she even walked around talking to people in the street with their pass along newspapers “la Atalaya,” and when we first started teaching her it was tough because she wanted us to prove everything with the bible (which we could do…) and was really closed to accepting everything. And then to see her now… man she is a different person. She is so much happier… Both her and her son Leonardo were baptized on Friday, and she has a daughter named Fanny that is like 4 or 5 years old that is absolutely adorable too haha. It was such an awesome experience teaching them! She asked me to baptize her and Elder Rojas baptized Leo. 

DSCF3147[1] DSCF3164[1]And then also the sisters baptized 3 people too so it was a white night! Also another of my favorite parts was the confirmation yesterday. First of all, the chapel was super full, there were 300+ people, and then we did the 5 confirmations and each of them was super beautiful and awesome. My companion and I did one each, the bishop another, his counselor another and one of President Garcias counselors in the mission presidency, President Echeverria confirmed Sandra because he did her baptismal interview.

DSCF3186[1] DSCF3187[1] DSCF3259[1]Also on Sunday two of our buddies here gave their goodbyes because they are heading off on missions of their own now, and then Elder Chocooj gave his goodbye because he finished his mission now! Overall one of the best Sundays of the mission so far!

BLOG3182[2] BLOG3183[1]That was what made my week so awesome, also the fact that I am staying in Caucel! Anyways I gotta go! I love you all so much! Keep on keeping on!

Dios bo´otik!

Elder Judd
DSCF3268[1] DSCF3264[1]

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