Hey there Family!!

DSCF3287[1]Well, well, well… Nothing too crazy happened this week! Really quickly Ill give a summary! Well first off we have been busy as always working hard! This week was a little tougher because we had to prepare two kids for baptism. Alejandra and Abib were baptized on Friday which was fun as always! It was tough though coming up with ways to teach kids! We had to use our creative side! Their parents are members though and knew just about everything which was good! I sent a picture of one of the lessons we had, we went through the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ by going through and drawing and coloring each part. I was pretty proud of ourselves because it went really well! haha

DSCF3284[1]DSCF3286[1]Also we are working with a couple of other people that should get baptized not next week but the week after. Although one of them didnt come to church yesterday… Sooo we will see what happens. The other is this sister named Saraí. Her boyfriend is the son of the Relief Society President who is actually inactive but we are working with them both and she is absolutely awesome. She is going to be baptized in two weeks if everything goes well!

DSCF3280[1]One of my favorite things right now are our converts. They are so awesome. Leo, the teenager that got baptized last week just got the priesthood yesterday and is going to go to the temple tomorrow to do baptisms for the dead and his mom is going to go on Saturday. Now we just have to look for more people like them! We are working hard looking for chosen people! Pray for us so that we can do it! I love you all so much! Have a good week everybody!!!


Elder Judd

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