Hello Family!!!

DSCF3293[1]Hey, hey, hey! How is everybody going!! I am doing really well! This week went by, well like all the other ones, too fast and really well! I´ll try and remember all the highlights!

First off, HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAYS TO COLE, TONY, and JOSH!!!!! I remembered each one of them even though I had no way to prove it haha. Man you are all getting old…

DSCF3297[1] DSCF3305[1]Oh so this week was really cool working with some of our recent converts. So there was a ward talent show this week which had a really good turn out. A ton of members invited and brought friends and there were like 200 people there! I am scared of going to a little pueblo because I am so used to large groups… Anyways it was really good because everybody participated, including Sandra! Sandra and Leo were baptized a couple of weeks ago and Sandra danced with several other sisters so that was cool! And also Leo passed the sacrament yesterday! I couldnt help but think,”They grow up so fast… :(” haha And he did it in the tie I gave him! Whoo! Also Ambar is really awesome, she tells us things like how she doesn’t want to do anything except for study everything because she feels like there is so much to learn! It is really true though… I just tell her to be pacient, she is never going to learn EVERYTHING that there is too learn in this life. All three of them have their temple recommendations and should go to the temple this week to do baptisms for the dead!

DSCF3314[1]We had a ton of meetings this week… Tuesday was the Leadership council with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders, and then on Friday we had a surprise leadership council again, so on Saturday we had to meet with the zone to transmit all of the information and Sunday we met with one of the counselors in the stake presidency so we spent a lot of time indoors unfortunately. But I just tell myself somebody has got to do it so that everything functions smoothly!DSCF3315[1]

Oh also it has been getting relatively cold here (I say relatively because its not really cold temperature wise but it feels nice and chilly) especially at night and since just about the entire year is hot here I don’t have any blankets or anything and it gets pretty cold when your sleeping in a hammock haha. But this family in our ward gave us each a great big blanket and it is like sleeping in heaven now! Haha I love the members here in Caucel!

Everything is going really well! Loving life, the work is moving forward, and I am as happy as can be! The only thing I’m not happy about is how fast time is passing by… pero bueno! Ya que dijo Jacinto! Les amo muchísimo! Que se cuidan!

Elder Judd

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