Happy December!

Woah this was one of the best weeks that I have had in a while! Super action packed! Well relatively speaking for a missionary… haha

First off, we had a training meeting on Tuesday with two other zones. I love working with other missionaries. It was a really good training too because it involved all of the district leaders and sister training leaders, not just us. I also got to see some good friends like Elder Zambrano and other missionaries. I love getting together with all the missionaries! Although I realized that there are a ton of new missionaries and I dont know the majority of them because I have been here in Centro so long haha. But we have transfers this week so we will see if the Lord still wants me to stay here in Caucel or where he wants me to go and with who and doing what! I am excited to see! I love knowing that where I go is where God wants me to be. It helps me stay excited and ready to work hard all the time!

For that meeting my companion and I had to go and buy all the snack food for 60 people so we went on a shopping spree in this super market here called Soriana. We went with some members because they also took us out to eat at a restaurant called Bostons, its actually an american restaurant (so american they didnt have horchata and everybody looked at me funny because I asked for it. One of them said, we go to the most gringo restaurant and you asked for horchata…) and then we filled up two carts with juices and apples and milks and cookies and what not! That was pretty fun.

DSCF3439[1] DSCF3438[1]Tuesday night after we finished the meeting, my companion and I started some divisiones we had been planning for quite a while. There is a senior missionary companionship in our zone that work in a little beach city called Celestun. Elder and Sister Lopez. They are super awesome but it is tough for them because their area is tough, Elder Lopez is the branch president, and they havent really had any experience about how to do missionary work. So my companion went there with Elder Lopez and I stayed with the other missionaries in our ward Caucel. Sister Lopez stayed here in Merida with some other sister missionaries so that my companion could stay there in Celestun overnight. On Thursday that came back from Celestun and I worked with Elder Lopez in our area and my companion went with some other missionaries. Anyways it was really awesome and different to do divisions with an older missionary. I just kept thinking… Hes older than my dad… thats weird… haha And it made me think that mom and dad need to go on a mission! Judd family… UNITE! We need to pay for them to go on a mission! Thinking about it, it will probably have to wait but that would be awesome in the future!

And finally today we had a meeting with all the zone leaders and President about this new initiative the church is doing which I am sure everybody has heard about. “He Is The Gift”. This is going to be so HUGE! Everybody in this email needs to go to christmas.mormon.org, and share it with everybody they know. Not only the church, but our Heavenly Father hopes this message can get to everybody! We are going to do our part here in the Yucatan Peninsula but you all have to do your part back home!

DSCF3443[1]Oh and for thanksgiving, I ate Chinese food outside of a Mexican super market… How does that sound for everybody? haha I loved seeing all the pictures! Benjamin is officially the golden child! I can hand over my crown now… Sad day… I love you all so much! I hope you have a good week!!!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Judd

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