Tink hanik Maya! Utzbenil ata Tekax!

DSCF3482[1]I am learning maya, welcome to Tekax!

Well hello there everybody! Wow what a week! My first week in Tekax! Crazy stuff! It is truly a different world from Caucel! First off they speak a ton of Maya here! I am determined to leave here fluent! The people here are a lot more humble but also a lot more accepting. Because we are opening the area, there wasn’t anybody to visit and teach or anything to do so we have just been contacting people like crazy!

My companion is really awesome. Elder Wasden haha. He cracks me up. It is funny working with him in his spanish. It reminds me a ton of myself at the beginning of the mission and also Elder Winger when he was learning Spanish too. It blows my mind thinking about how far I have come! And how fast the time is passing…. I am the second oldest Elder in my zone… sad day…

DSCF3485[1]Here in Tekax we are 6 missionaries, 4 elders and 2 sisters. We do just about everything with the other elders. Elder Garcia and Elder Deppe. Elder Garcia is the only person in the zone older than me haha. We went to Ticul today with the entire zone for district meeting which was way different to think that Im not in the Centro of Merida anymore! We had to take a bus from Tekax there and all the other missionaries did too haha. We come from all the little pueblos around here!

Sunday was my first week in a Casa de Oracion, or House of Prayer! That was cool! The branch president asked me to speak, the ward mission leader asked me to give the gospel principles class, and then the branch president also asked me to teach the young men in the last hour haha. All the members here are really awesome! A lot of them are little mayan people who pray and talk and do everything in Maya!

IMG_2192This Monday isn’t going to be our P-Day, not until Tuesday because on Monday we have the mission christmas party! Whoooo! The entire mission, all 220 missionaries are going to Merida. It will be fun to see all of my friends again! You will all definitely get a ton of pictures! Also next week I get to skype home! Mom and Dad, what time is the best to do it? It will be on Christmas day and I will try to do it at the best time for everybody. I get to write next Tuesday so we can settle all the little details but remind me of what username I need to call and what time is the best!

I love you all! Have a good week!


Elder Judd

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