Too many goodbyes for one missionary to handle!

DSCF3454[1]Well if you couldn’t tell from all the pictures, I got transferred! They kicked me out of Caucel and sent me to train in a pueblo called Tekax! My kid is Elder Wasden from Chico, California! I am writing today instead of yesterday because yesterday we were in a training meeting all afternoon and then we took the 3 hour bus ride to Tekax and by then it was 10:30! So I am opening up an area too so this should be fun! 

DSCF3461[1]It is always tough to say goodbyes and I had to say a ton this week! First off was too all of my friends in Caucel! After 8 months people become like family, especially the people we taught and baptized. But I am sure I will see them again some day! Also I had to say goodbye to Elder Rojas which was sad… And then to the generation of missionaries that are going home! Three ex-companions and several other really good friends! Elder Guerrero my stepdad, Elder Anaya, Elder Zambrano, Elder Torrentera, Elder Rodriguez. The mission is going to feel way different now!

DSCF3467[1]I am super excited to be here training! It didnt even pass through my mind that maybe I would train, I felt like they were going to change me to another zone as zone leader still but nope! So I have 5 transfers left and it would be cool to train two more times after this! I am excited to train because it means I have to be the best missionary possible! I feel even more pressure than I did as a zone leader to be even more obedient, diligent, and overall awesome!

DSCF3469[1]This should be a whole different experience though in a pueblo! It isnt very small but it definitely isnt Merida! And opening an area is always fun when you dont know anybody! But we will see what kind of magic we can work here! Keep me in your prayers please!

DSCF3471[1]It is almost Christmas time! QUE TAL!! Hopefully next week I can write more about the area and my companion! He is american and doesnt speak spanish so this will be super fun! Deja vu from my days in Escarcega with Elder Winger! haha

DSCF3473[1]I love you all so much! Have a good week!!!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Judd

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