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Rain, Rain, Go Away



So as the subject says, this week was a rainy one! I said in my last letter that it had rained the most since I had gotten here but I was a little premature in saying that! ThatMonday after I had finished writing and all that stuff, we went to the Stake center to play futbol like we do every Monday, and after about 5 minutes of playing it started to sprinkle. And then in seconds it was like a hurricane!! It was amazing haha. Not only was it epic because it was in the middle of a hurricane but also I am getting a lot better at futbol! I am slowly but surely becoming Mexican! Whoo!

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¡Buenos Dias mis Amigos!

Well hello everybody! Happy 11th de Noviembre! I didn’t hear much from anybody so I hope everybody is doing well! My week was really really good!

So first! My zone leader and grandpa Elder Barrow left this week which was bittersweet, but he left me his Ipod and my life is a million times better now! Ahh! I had just the classic hymns on disc but now I have the beautiful stuff! A world with music is a much better world! On his last day in Campeche we ate together with our Bishop and his family at Little Caesars which was cool! I dont know if it was significantly better than Little Caesars in the States, or if my taste buds have just degenerated, but it was really good! ha

So I had this really cool experience this week that I want to share. Elder Guerrero and I were studying in our house, and I just had this thought pop into my head, that I am literally doing EXACTLY what the Lord wants me to be doing at this time in my life. There arent many times we can say that! I just came to even better terms that there isnt anything else more important than my mission and the people I am meeting and teaching every day. I love my investigators and members and everybody else too! I know that is a stereotypical thing for missionaries to say but its true! I LOVE EVERYBODY! haha

We have a couple of investigators that are family with a family of recent converts that have just been going really, really well. It is hard to get anybody to come to church because it is at 8:30 and everybody and their mother works every day of the week, but they havent missed a week since we started teaching them!
And in gospel principles right now, we are in the chapters about marriage, eternal families, and the law of chastity which has been perfect for them. Two of our investigators are living together with 2 kids and aren’t married, another has a kid and isn’t married, and everybody else in the class is generally in the same boat. I don’t know if you remember Dallin H. Oaks talk from the last conference, but he mentioned how the standards are degrading in the United States, but let me say they are a million times worse here in Mexico. It is completely normal to have an entire family without a Dad, and when there is a dad involved, they are almost never ever married. I am so grateful for the family I have been given, especially because we have the Gospel and KNOW Gods will for us and our individual families. That is the biggest thing I have realized with everybody, is that without the Gospel, it is a lot harder to have a meaningful purpose for what we do with our lives. I have tried really hard to help people realize their DIVINE potential as literal children of God, and that we are better than a lot of the decisions we choose to make. And more than anything I have realized this for myself and have tried to live up to that for myself!

So this week I was trying to explain #hashtags to Elder Guerrero which was really funny. Us Americans are weird hahaha. But so are Mexicans so its all good. Anyways I couldnt really explain why we use hashtags haha

Also I saw an AD for the new Iphone 5S! Cool stuff! haha

Oh and really quickly! Yesterday it rained more than any day I have been here and I was wondering if there is a hurrican near or something!? AND all of our lessions fell through yesterday so we spent pretty much all day walking in the pooring rain haha. It was pretty sweet.

Okay well I love you all so much! Have a super duper good week because I know I will! I love you all!

Elder Judd



So first I have to say how awesome it was to hear and see pictures from Ben’s baptism! Holy cow I miss my family! You are all perfect and I wish I could have been there. I definitely miss my Benjamin and I am so proud of the decision you made to be baptized! Now more than ever I have realized just how important and sacred Baptism is. And necessary it is too!

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Almost 3 Months!

Hola mi familia! y mis amigos! There is my Español for you all!
How is everybody?! First I want to wish a happy birthday to Grandma Lucky!! I love you and wish I could be there to celebrate but Im in Campeche… kinda far!
This week was really, really good! On Tuesday night we did divisions with other elders here in Campeche because Elder Ortiz and I had to go to Merida for our immigration. He is from the Dominican Republic and I just have to say that I love Dominicans now. Haha Spencer and Dad are lucky to have gone there! We spentWednesday in his area working before we left for Merida that night and he was just super personable and, yes he already knows Spanish, but he just made every person laugh and smile! He knows quite a bit of english which was good too. But anyways we were walking that night and he said one of the most profound things for a missionary. He said, “What is our message for people? That God and Jesus Christ love them! WE ARE HIS REPRESENTATIVES! We have to be able to be a channel for that love through our eyes!” BOOOOOOOOM Such a studly missionary haha, and we arrved here the same time, just a little side note.

My First Transfer Done In The Field!

¡Hola mi familia y amigos!

What an awesome week! Every week gets better and better, and I think that is because the language is getting better. I can 100% see the Lord´s hand in my life in every single way, but specifically with the Gift of Tongues. Theres no way I would be able to survive without it! This week was a really good one and I hope I can remember everything that happened!

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