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Final P-Day in the MTC!!!

I can’t believe I’m finally getting out of here!! Surprisingly I feel super nervous though! I feel really similar to how I felt leaving home and coming to the MTC, just without the homesickness part, only the nervousness and excitedness (I know that isn’t a word)!! So this week was pretty eventful, and flew by actually!!

So last Friday after I emailed, Elder Hainsworth and I got our travel plans for Mexico!!! Our flight path doesn’t make sense because we are going to Atlanta from Salt Lake, then to Mexico City, then to Merida, so it is a weird zig zag that will take a long time but I am still just excited!!! I leave on Sunday night, so Mom and Dad, I’m actually calling on Monday morning, not Tuesday morning like I had thought. It is sad that we have to say goodbye to our district because I’ve really enjoyed the last five and a half weeks with them, but I am excited to get to Mexico and truly learn the Spanish I’ll be speaking for the next two years.

Almost One Month Down!

These letters are getting harder to write each week because we do the same exact stuff every week! Haha, but some pretty exciting stuff happened this week.

First, Elder Hainsworth got his visa on Wednesday so there’s no more anticipation for him, and we will both go straight to Mexico in 10 days!!!! That is so weird to say, it has always felt like I would never leave this place! Also, I have decided that our zone is being targeted more than usual by Satan because we are all falling apart! Last week an Elder in the district that came in a week after I did tore his ACL and they decided he was going to have to go home, so he left on Wednesday. Then another Elder from another district was having a tough time here and he went home too. So that is two Elders that had to go home, and then every other Elder in our zone is sick! I felt a little sick for a couple of days, but everybody else is half-dead.

What a Week!!!

This week was a really crazy week and I don’t know if I can fit it all into one email!! First, Elder Sioka from my district has been having some seriously bad health issues, and this week was not good. He is from American Samoa and absolutely hates doctors, and on Monday night he had a miniature seizure and we had to send him to the hospital. He was really scared both about what happened and about going to the hospital so the Zone Leaders and I have spent a lot of time with him this week. He is doing a lot better now though but has doctors appointments next week that will decide whether or not he stays, goes home, or can go to his mission in Texas at the end of 6 weeks.

Week 3!

DSCF0236Boy was this week an action packed one… I don’t even know where to start!

 So my district became the oldest district in our zone when the district above us left on Monday and Tuesday so Elder Pisciotta and Seegmiller got called as the zone leaders after two weeks! And I was made the district leader when Elder Pisciotta was promoted! That was all on Sunday. Fortunately for me, I missed the meeting where I was called to be the district leader because I was at the Emergency Room with my companion hahaha. So on Sunday morning around 6, Elder Hainsworth woke up and went to pick his head up off of his pillow when he heard a pop and a shooting pain in his neck. He doesn’t know what happened so he freaks out and wakes all of us up and says, “I heard a pop in my neck and can’t move…” So I immediately think he broke his neck somehow and was paralyzed!!! So we had to call the front desk and we got him to sit up and get into a van, at which point I knew he hadn’t broken his neck and would be fine thank goodness haha. So they drove us to the Hospital on Bulldog and State and we spent the morning getting him x-rayed, and he had just somehow pulled a muscle in his neck hahaha and sleeping by the way. Then we had to go to Walgreens and get him some muscle relaxers, an anti-inflammatory and some pain killers. It was seriously so weird getting off of the compound (as we call the MTC hahaha). We drove past Helaman Halls and all of the places that my friends and I hung out at, and that was when I realized that I was a missionary! hahaha It was super weird going into Walgreens because it felt like the real world in there! And I almost couldn’t recognize Provo with all of the construction going on! Entire buildings had literally disappeared and roads were under construction everywhere! But that was a fun morning! haha Oh and not to mention that was fast sunday so I was starving all day. On top of my own companion being out of commission, we had two other elders that I had to accommodate splits for because they were sick and had to go to the health clinic, or back to the residence, and all sorts of stuff so my first day was crazy as a district leader!

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