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Too many goodbyes for one missionary to handle!

DSCF3454[1]Well if you couldn’t tell from all the pictures, I got transferred! They kicked me out of Caucel and sent me to train in a pueblo called Tekax! My kid is Elder Wasden from Chico, California! I am writing today instead of yesterday because yesterday we were in a training meeting all afternoon and then we took the 3 hour bus ride to Tekax and by then it was 10:30! So I am opening up an area too so this should be fun!  Continue reading

Happy December!

Woah this was one of the best weeks that I have had in a while! Super action packed! Well relatively speaking for a missionary… haha

First off, we had a training meeting on Tuesday with two other zones. I love working with other missionaries. It was a really good training too because it involved all of the district leaders and sister training leaders, not just us. I also got to see some good friends like Elder Zambrano and other missionaries. I love getting together with all the missionaries! Although I realized that there are a ton of new missionaries and I dont know the majority of them because I have been here in Centro so long haha. But we have transfers this week so we will see if the Lord still wants me to stay here in Caucel or where he wants me to go and with who and doing what! I am excited to see! I love knowing that where I go is where God wants me to be. It helps me stay excited and ready to work hard all the time!

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Hey there Family!!

DSCF3287[1]Well, well, well… Nothing too crazy happened this week! Really quickly Ill give a summary! Well first off we have been busy as always working hard! This week was a little tougher because we had to prepare two kids for baptism. Alejandra and Abib were baptized on Friday which was fun as always! It was tough though coming up with ways to teach kids! We had to use our creative side! Their parents are members though and knew just about everything which was good! I sent a picture of one of the lessons we had, we went through the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ by going through and drawing and coloring each part. I was pretty proud of ourselves because it went really well! haha Continue reading

Man, what a week!

Okay well this week was absolutely awesome! First of all we had transfers today and……. I am going to stay in Caucel for at least 6 weeks more! This will be my fifth transfer here… right now I have 6 months here! We actually had interviews with President Garcia on Tuesday and I told him I wanted to stay here, and it looks like the Lord still wants me here too!

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